• Midnight City
  • We Own the Sky
  • Wait
  • Reunion
  • Kim & Jessie
  • Where the Boats Go
  • Graveyard Girl
  • Skin of the Night
  • Raconte-moi une histoire
  • Too Late
  • Train to Pluton
  • Outro
  • Intro
  • Claudia Lewis
  • My Tears Are Becoming a Sea
  • This Bright Flash
  • Couleurs
  • Steve McQueen
  • Soon, My Friend
  • New Map
  • OK Pal
  • Another Wave from You
  • When Will You Come Home?
  • Highway of Endless Dreams
  • Splendor
  • Fountains
  • Year One, One UFO
  • Midnight Souls Still Remain
  • Dark Moves of Love
  • Klaus I Love You
  • Don't Save Us From the Flames
  • Echoes of Mine
  • Teen Angst
  • You Appearing
  • In The Cold I'm Standing
  • Run Into Flowers
  • I Guess I'm Floating
  • Up!
  • Birds
  • Moonchild
  • You, Appearing
  • Unrecorded
  • In Church
  • Oblivion (feat. Susanne Sundfør)
  • America
  • Gone
  • Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun
  • Safe
  • Slight Night Shiver
  • On a White Lake, Near a Green Mountain

Oh-oh, twenty millions years from my place
A slide on the starlight
Watch out, a new planet right on my trail
The space, oh, oh, it's mine, oh, oh

Oh, oh-oh-oh

I'm lost in an infinite night trip
The sun could make me blind
I wish, I wish I could bring a girl to my ship
And fly, oh, oh, hand in mine

Oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh, oh-oh-oh

Oh-oh, twenty million years from my place
(Is the dream over?)
The space, oh-oh, it's mine, oh, oh
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