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[Verse 1]
It's Bill and Ivies
Villian eyes still spilling, guys so hot saw her panties catch fire
So, back fire when she call me around 5
Hit her off around 9
Lit my blunts off her fire stove
I'm never tired, I sever these petty lines
In my sleep so when I go it's live wire while your high though
Catch Ohio got a bitch that lets me hide
While I'm getting off packs outside of the city lines
Plenty time, Daily Bread, heavy grind
Never try cause the games to fake so it's never mind
Then I design my mind fine
You think I can't rhyme
I chew your signed artist out and storm like the land mind
I'm sick and twisted now fuck you and your image it's a gimmick
If you ever heard of Pittsburgh don't visit pal
95' flow but I was no holds barred
Quick to flip a pack in 05' that was my dro

Kick bad habits now I'm just a rap addict
Past passion, never going back
I'll just grasp action, talks nothing but I'm back masting
Kicking rhymes that's faster
Competition nothing but just backstabbers

[Verse 2]
Smack actors with bag ratchets and half ladders
Thinking back after smoking blunts where my ash catcher?
Nap sac full of bags don't even ask
Get my calf cabs, kick flipping ass
I'm a rap bastard
We keep it raw dog no double bars
Just the bass then I call
Alarms, ball hard, Olajuwon
Calm as dons, forest runs
What you want to call us on
Bars to strong licks hard as you wanted son
Let me chew it out
Everybody chewing now but I'm one of few that can choose [?] [?] [?]
Let me do it proud no punches
Cause when I get wild with these lyrics I make dudes hungry
Who wants me off top like some cheap papers
I was pre-made to remake the east end famous
And they'll probably make copies up in each language
Fuck being famous I was free-made and need dangerous
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